Tidy up when a user is terminated.

89% of users still have some access to their work resources after they leave a job.

Schedule Termination

Although most terminations are uneventful, some can be rather delicate. With you can schedule a termination in advance, and at the appointed time can revoke all the user's access instantly.

Transfer Resources

When people leave, it is important that nothing falls through the cracks. With you can automatically reassign assets, such as emails, documents or calendar invites, to a manager or peer. Rest easy knowing that emails are getting delivered and documents are preserved.

Recover Spend

Over 30% of SaaS licenses are for applications that aren't being used. lets you see clearly which accounts are active and which are not. You can compare across a team to look for over-provisioned accounts. And when you find accounts that aren't needed, disabling them is as simple as flipping a light switch. Make a mistake? Just flip the switch back on.

Immediate Revocation

When an employee leaves and retains access to corporate assets, that creates risk. Indeed, 59% of employees “borrow” data when they leave. gives you confidence that your terminated employees have no access to corporate data once they've left. Even in non-confrontational settings, terminated employees may represent a security risk if their personal devices later become compromised.


With the proper permission, allows you to sign in to SaaS apps as someone else. This can make it easier to hand off whatever a former employee was working on.

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